The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger has announced in its future release of a new Disney Streaming service that would be soon unveiled in the year 2019. It would be a cheaper option than its competitors such as Netflix in the desire for attracting new customers and also due to low number of content on the streaming service. However once the volume of content is increased in the streaming service, the cost would also be increased gradually. There are a lot of speculations as to how would this new Disney streaming service look like. Its finally got a name, the new Disney streaming app would be called Disney+. The branding is very much similar with that of ESPN+ service which has more than one million subscribers. The main focus of Disney would be in their prominent brands such as Pixar, Disney, National Geographic, Marvel and Star Wars.

This Disney streaming service would be launched with 500 films or so from the Disney library. In addition to 7000 episodes from the Disney TV shows itself. So this would be a treat for all the Disney lovers. When you compare this content with that of Netflix then surely this is a great bargain at a lower price. One thing is for sure, Disney always comes up with creative content to attract their customers. The initial low content should not be seen as a drawback since it is still very competitive when compared to Netflix and others. The content that would be shows on the Disney streaming service would be high-quality and very much in demand shows and movies.









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So there would be Star War Movies, Pixar Movies, Marvel original series as well as movies, Disney TV shows and movies, as well as the Star Wars live in action. Isn’t this is a great bargain for all of the Disney fans. With so much of high in demand content, it means that Disney would be ending their distribution deal that they had with Netflix. They would be pulling off content such as Star Wars and Marvel before launching their new service. This may seem to be a drawback for Netflix since Star Wars and Marvel garners a lot of fan following. Apart from all of the existing contents related to Pixar, Star Wars, Disney and Marvel, there would also be five original movies that would be released on the streaming service every year along with four series. This all would be exclusive on the streaming service.

With this new streaming app, Disney surely has a deep emphasis to take over its competitors and also it is no longer abandoning the focused TV operations. Disney aims to deep dive into the streaming world and capture the market. With its formidable brands surely it would attract its fans and ensure that they are glued to their app. This would mean a tough competition coming up soon for the other streaming services. But the consumers, it would be a treat to watch out for and enjoy.

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