Do smart TV’s have a built in antenna?

With the changes in technology, there are a lot of upgrades. The TV is no longer a regular TV unit wherein only the channels appear and you watch it by scrolling through the channels. There have been a lot of new features introduced in the TV which has made it modern and smart. The smart TV is not only popular but it is also status quo. But the real question is what exactly does a smart TV do? Why is it really called Smart? Does it also have a built-in antenna? One of the major reason that separates a regular TV from a smart TV is the internet connection. Most of the smart TV’s that are available on the shelf are said to be equipped with an Ethernet port, USB port and also a built-in port. This allows it to connect from any location in the house. But to ensure that the TV remains smart, the internet connection should be strong.

The main reason for having an internet connection is to stream various television shows as well as movies on the big screen. This can be done by making use of multiple apps such as Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and so on. The smart TV set’s also have access for web browser and also camera. But apart from these additional features, the smart TV’s also carry out a basic task of displaying channels that they receive from the local broadcasting stations. However, to get access to the local channels, you would need to have antenna connection. The Smart TV’s do not have a built-in antenna in them. You would need to purchase antenna separately from the market and get it installed so that it can pick up all the local channels and provide you access to the local channels.

Getting the right type of antenna for your TV has been now made simple. All you would need to do is, check websites such as FCC, or All you would need to do is, just enter your area zip code or address in the required field and it would provide access to the resources you are looking out for. These websites provide information such as, the number of channels that are available in your area and its details, the broadcasting stations that are available in your area and how far they are from your current location and also the information as to which type of antenna would be suitable for you. This information helps the consumer to select the right type of antenna model so that it can provide all the necessary local channels in your area.

Hence getting the smart TV would not mean that you have antenna as well. However, you would need to check whether it has a built-in digital tuner so that the signals can get converted accordingly. Also there is no one antenna that would suit a particular TV. As long as the antenna is able to pick up the signals from the broadcasting station, it can work on any smart TV.