Back in the olden days when TV viewing means just watching five to six channels. But thanks to the switch over to digital signals, this number has seen a jump. We are currently in the era of free digital TV wherein there is no need to pay any subscription charges. All you would need is a TV unit and aerial so that you enjoy lifelong local channels absolutely for free. You may receive more than dozen channels or the number can go above 50 channel. Freeview TV was founded in the year 2002 and it has now become one of the default method to receive the basic TV post the switchover to digital mode. It has also been known as digital terrestrial television or DTT. Most of the TV’s that are manufactured post 2010 would already be having a built-in Freeview tuner installed in them.

Freeview has been considered to be one of the most efficient and affordable way of getting the basic digital TV. But you cannot view Freeview without an aerial. There is a need for aerial so that you get to watch all of your favourite shows and movies. Freeview is also available on set-top box, personal video recorders and TV. It is known to offer UK’s most popular radio channels as well as TV channels by just carrying out a one-time payment.

Freeview TV is considered to be a best choice for those who have a tight budget and at the same time do not want to get into any subscription packages. One can receive the Freeview TV through multiple devices as mentioned earlier. You would be requiring an aerial receiving Freeview TV. All you would need to do is just connect the TV with the working aerial. In case if you have the latest TV that already has the built-in Freeview then possibly you would need the aerial in good condition so that it can pick up the Freeview signal as well. The type of antenna that you should be going in for is dependent on the location and also whether you would be getting the UHF coverage. There are two types of antennas, the satellite dish and the UHF aerial. For those who have UHF coverage it would be a best option to make use of the UHF aerial since it would be able to pick up the broadcast in high definition format.

It is mostly advisable to go in for the rooftop aerial so that you can view Freeview since there would be minimum interference or lesser problems. The aerial also has to be in a good condition so that you can watch Freeview. Also the aerial should be properly connected to the aerial point present in your room. In case if all the connections are in place and you are still not able to receive any picture from the Freeview device or when the picture quality is too poor then there would be maximum chances that the aerial would be damaged. In such cases just check the aerial and go in for a new one and get it installed by a professional help.