Sling TV – RCA’s Preferred Streaming Device

The mounting cable bills creates havoc on the monthly budget of the individual. Hence to avoid such hassles, the best option that has been suggested is to go in for a TV antenna. The RCA TV antenna provides numerous benefits to its consumers. You can get both indoor as well as outdoor antennas providing varied range coverage. You get access to all the local channels that are present in your area. If you are lucky then it also provides access to regional channels as well.  You receive major broadcast networks such as ABC, Fox, CW, PBS and so on. With RCA antennas it provides the benefit of viewing High-definition format picture quality and also live channels. All of this with absolutely no monthly rental. This is all provided free of cost to the consumers. You only need to pay a one-time price which would be the cost of purchasing the antenna which is quite reasonable.

Having a RCA antenna would mean that you get access to all of the local and live programs. But at the same time there are certain programs for which you may need to look out for a streaming service. The best combination would be an RCA antenna and Sling TV. The Sling TV is considered to be one of the best streaming device by RCA for viewing all of your favourite channels. You can get an initial one-week trial period wherein you get access to the programs. Once you are satisfied with the content that you would receive with Sling TV, you can go for the monthly subscription or annual one. You are basically paying monthly fees for viewing all your favourite live shows on the selected channels.

Sling is considered to be one of the revolutionary and live television service that is provided to its viewers. You get access to more than 10,000 hours of on-demand entertainment. You also have the option to watch any of your favourite shows and movies later when you want to. There are three plans you can select from. Sling Orange only includes 30 channels and is priced at $20 each month whereas the Sling Blue is priced at $25 each month and it would provide access to 44 channels. There is another combo pack of Sling Orange and Blue. The viewers of Sling Orange can only stream to one device at a time whereas Sling Blue viewers can stream on three devices at a time.

A biggest benefit of Sling TV is that you can get access to live programming on the go and it is also compatible with a host of other devices. Also another major benefit of this streaming service is that after you have used it for couple of months and need to shift to another option then there is no need to go through multiple hoops or there is no need to pay any additional fees for cancelling the service. Hence if you already have an RCA antenna and planning to check out some streaming option then surely Sling TV is the best one for you. Do not think any further and go in for the one-week trial pack.